Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Competitors and teams may submit questions via this email form. If the answer is of general interest, it will be published here.

Are Mikes Lab Bullet 3L (Mast) / 3LC (Glider) eligible for competition in Formula Kite events ?

What is "Routine Maintenance and Repair" as defined in Class Rule C.8.3(b)

My foil has been "measured" at a previous event. Does it mean it is automatically OK for the next event ?

Can I display personal advertising on my equipment ?

What is the "minimum diameter " of a line as referred to in Class Rule C.9.4

Do I have to put nationality stickers on my hull and helmet ?

May advertising / nationality flags be realised by using different (i.e. by cutting and sewing) panel sections of fabric other than the originally approved layout, when manufacturing the kite?

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