The road to Paris 2024

Qualification to the Olympic Games

World Sailing has confirmed a three-step Qualification System for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games:

qualification system


Both men's and women's kiteboarding events will have a total of 20 entries.

  • 1 place for the host nation
  • 8 places awarded to the top 8 MNAs at the 2023 World Championship (combined Olympic Classes World Championships, The Hague)
  • 1 place awarded for each continent (for the best MNA from the continent at that event not yet qualified during the 2023 World Championships). Total 6
  • 5 places awarded at a last chance regatta to the top 5 MNAs not yet qualified otherwise.

The quota allocation for the participation in the main Olympic Qualification event (the 2023 Sailing World Championships) is based on the results of the 2022 Class World Championships.

For a continental qualification event to be valid, the event requires at least one more unqualified nation to participate than quota places offered (in the case of kiteboarding, two unqualified nations);
One entry from the MNA to finish in the top 90% of the Event at the 2023 Sailing World Championships (regardless of the composition of the final 10% of entries), the nation is eligible for continental qualification if there are insufficient entries from other non-qualified nations.

Qualification to the Class World Championships

Entry to the Class World (and European) Championships is based on the World Ranking to reward participation and depth of the national fleets.

  • Every country is guaranteed one entry without further requirements.
  • Countries with competitors ranked in the top 10 of the world ranking at the date specified (1 July for the 2022 Worlds) may receive up to two bonus entries.
  • Up to four bonus entries are awarded to countries that have competitors ranked in the top 50% of the World Rankings.
  • If there are remaining entry places, these are awarded to countries that only have one, two three etc entries. If there are more requests than places, there will be a lottery between the applying countries.

The Notice of Race for the Class World and European Championships include the details and timelines of the quota allocation.

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